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The Francos responsibility 2018

Global organizations tend to integrate culture as part of the definition of sustainable development in the same way as they do for environmental, social or economic issues. Culture is an essential component of the quality of life.
The Québec government has adopted Agenda 21, a reference framework from which actions can be implemented to strengthen the links between culture and the social, economic and environmental dimensions of sustainable development.
The Francos have long believed in this precept and continually take steps to improve the impact they have on society, be it social, cultural, environmental or economic.

Environmental initiatives

Reduction at source
  • We reduce the consumption of bottled water by using 18-liter containers in backstage areas and the newsroom.
  • We promote the use of internet documents for press conferences. We also make USB sticks available to journalists, and they can also download information directly to their handheld devices
  • We distribute multipurpose water bottles to our on-site employees and set up filling stations to encourage their use. The consumption of plastic bottles has been drastically reduced.
  • We have significantly reduced the number of plastic glasses used by selling beer in recyclable cans.
  • All external communication publications are printed on 100% recycled FSC paper.
  • From 2004 to 2017, more than 168 metric tonnes of waste was diverted from landfills.
  • Every year, an average of 12 tons of recyclable materials are recovered at the Francos site (almost 14% of cardboard fibres, 32% of plastic, glass and metal, as well as 16% of wood).
  • Food stands use recyclable towels, glasses and plates.
  • Each point of sale is equipped with the necessary equipment for recovering materials (paper and cardboard, plastic, glass, aluminum).
  • A composting program was implemented in several food kiosks on the Francos site.
Energy-saving initiatives
  • We use electrical energy (less polluting) for all our needs. Gas powered generators are only used in emergencies.
  • 100% of the site lighting (stages, changing rooms, food stands and kiosks) is composed of low consumption LED bulbs.
  • Our night lighting is automated—thus reducing off-site lighting and minimizing electricity consumption.

Cultural and social initiatives

  • Special attention is paid to people with reduced or limited mobility. We have specially designed locations to accommodate people with mobility impairments so they can enjoy the shows.
  • Uneaten food prepared by the food service is donated to Maison du Père.
  • All found objects in good condition are given to the Ecocentre which redistributes them to different organizations in Montreal.
Partnerships and grants

For several years now, the Francos has had privileged links with various competitions and festivals and their respective winners are invited to perform on one of the festival stages. These partnerships develop visibility and career of the artist and contribute to the public’s artistic discovery. It also helps towards the keeping the programming fresh, the retention of a new public, and also promotes synergy between local, national and international broadcasters.

Prix Félix-Leclerc de la chanson

Created in 1996 by la Fondation Félix-Leclerc in collaboration with the Francos de Montréal, this prize is awarded each year to both a Quebec and French artist at the start of their career.

The Vue sur la relève

For several years now, the Francos de Montréal has partnered with Vue sur la relève by giving a prix Coup de pouce to emerging artists who have made a name for themselves during the event.


The Francos de Montréal offers one of the finalists of Les Francouvertes contest a paid performance on one of the outdoor stages during the festival.

Festival international de la chanson de Granby

Awarded at the Festival international de la chanson de Granby, the prize of a paid concert at the Francos is presented to one of the finalists.

The Ma première Place des Arts competition

The laureates of the categories Interpreter, Singer-songwriter-interpreter and groupe de Ma première Place des Arts will get together for a performance presented as part of the Francos de Montréal, accompanied by the musicians of Ma première Place des Arts.

Vision Diversité

A special prize is awarded to a Vision Diversité artist: a performance on one of the Francos stages.

Economic Initiatives

The festival attracts nearly one million visitors annually and generates significant cultural, tourist and economic benefits. These benefits are welcomed by the community and by the various levels of government. A majority of these visitors come from Quebec (90%), the rest of Canada (1.5%) and a number of other countries (8.5%), confirming the ability of the Francos to raise awareness and entertain a diversified public.

Over the years, the Francos has become one of the international focal points of Francophone music. Essential to the vitality of French-language music, the festival is a lever for emerging artists and music genres and a meeting place for professionals in the Francophone music industry. The Francos are an essential link in the Francophone music chain.

  • The Francos de Montréal promote local know-how by hiring qualified personnel from the Montréal region. The workforce is put together without resorting to volunteers.
  • A leading economic agent in the field of cultural tourism in Montreal, the Francos attracts nearly a million visitors each year and adds about $10.5 million to Québec’s annual GDP
  • The Francos gives work to about 500 temporary employees, mostly students.
  • The Francos gives prioritizes local suppliers, whether in technical needs or food.